Starting at $35 per month

For businesses that prefer a DIY approach to their bookkeeping

If you’re good at maintaining your accounting records, but want to ensure things STAY clean all year long, this plan is for you! Made a mistake and you don’t know how to fix it? Have a weird transaction you aren’t sure how to categorize? No problem, quick questions are always included and up to 2 hours of “Fix-it” per year time is included with an annual commitment.


  • Reconciling bank and card statements - you must provide me with the statements for up to 2 accounts

  • 2 hours of “Fix-it” time per year


Starting at $160 per month

For businesses who don’t want to do their day-to-day bookkeeping

Don’t want to do the books? Only want to do invoicing and collections? Monthly bookkeeping is the plan for you. Our team will keep your accounting system updated on at least a monthly basis. We’ll input your income and expenses, reconcile your accounts, and send you monthly financials. Have more complexity than below? See the Add-ons or give us a call to discuss the specifics.


  • Updating your banking and credit card transactions on a monthly basis

  • Reconciling up to 2 bank and card statements

  • Monthly financials including:

    • Balance Sheet

    • Profit & Loss

** Monthly too much? Give us a call to see if you qualify for a discounted plan!


Starting at $500/project

For clients that need to select and set up a bookkeeping system

We will work with you to select the bookkeeping system you will use, set up your books, and import up to 3 months of data. Once everything is set up, we’ll do a 2 hour call to go over the system, how to use it.


  • Selecting an accounting system

    • Choose between Xero, Freshbooks, or QuickBooks Online and the various plans they offer

  • Connecting up to 2 existing bank and credit card accounts

  • Categorizing up to 3 months of income and expenses

  • Reconciling statements

  • 2-hours of training

PAYROLL SET-UP                   

Starting at $300/project

For clients that need to set up payroll, or want to switch payroll systems

Are you needing to set up payroll, or are on a system other than Gusto and want to switch? Our team will work with you to get set up on Gusto. If you are on another system, we will help import any prior payroll data that needs to come over as well.


  • Setting up payroll

  • Transferring existing data

  • Assistance registering as an employer in your state

  • Integration with your accounting system

  • 30-minute training call


Starting at $300/project

For clients that have books, but haven’t kept up with them or need to fix errors

If you have books and your accounts don’t balance, or your financials seem “off” this package is for you. Our team will work with you to get the books cleaned-up, reconcile your accounts, and look over your financials to make sure they look accurate. We’ll review everything after our clean-up to make any additional changes as well.


  • Categorizing of income and expenses

  • Editing incorrect transactions

  • Reconciling statements


  • Additional bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, lines of credit - $15 each per month

  • Paypal with frequent activity - $50 per month

    • Typically for clients that accept PayPal at their retail location

  • Sales Tax filing and payment - Call to discuss

  • Payroll Administration- Call to discuss

    • Processing payroll for you

  • E-commerce & Retail Platforms- Call to discuss

    • Examples: Shopify, Revel