quickbooks desktop products

Depending on the type of business you have (and the type of computer you have), you may need or prefer to have a desktop accounting solution.  There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you:
    • have over 100 items in inventory
    • do manufacturing and want to record the builds in your accounting system, you will definitely want a Desktop solution over an Online solution. You may even want to consider looking at QuickBooks Enterprise which is not mentioned below. Contact me for current pricing being offered.
    • need the ability to do progress invoicing (construction clients)
  • This is great for business that don't want to pay a monthly subscription or need to be able to do more extensive customization. This is also a great solution for business owners that own multiple businesses as you can have multiple company files with your one purchase.
  • You CAN automatically download & import transactions through these systems, but you will be charged $10 - $15 per month per account on average
  • The main downside is that I, as your bookkeeper, cannot access your data anytime. You would need to either send me your files for me to work on, or we need to do a screen share.


QuickBooks Pro 2017

As long as you have no more than 3 users that need access to QB at one time, this solution should be perfect for you!

QuickBooks Premier 2017

If you need up to 5 users, then you will want to consider Premier.  Premier also gives you industry-specific features to help you run your business better.

QuickBooks Mac 2016

If you use a Mac and prefer to have a desktop system, then this is the only product that will work for you. The other two only work on PC computers.